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Employees Recognition Ideas For HR’s in 2023

OfficeSim Digital Nomad June 27, 2023

Employee appreciation goes well beyond handing out rewards, certificates and employee service awards. To keep team morale high consistently, HR needs strategies that make employees feel valued while boosting their productivity in the workplace, especially while working remotely. We’re here to provide modern ideas of recognizing talent and achievements this…

Top 5 Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads in 2023

Office Sim Digital Nomad January 1, 2023 – Travel insurance for digital nomads is a must. These types of insurance plans offer financial protection for travel and health-related issues. The insurance plan may also cover your trip back home fo… Tweeted by @taelonv Digital Nomad News

Best Places In Europe For Digital Nomads In 2023

Office Sim Digital Nomad December 3, 2022 – The Digital Nomad life has really taken off in recent years. The COVID pandemic has shown people and companies alike that the days of old in an office are no longer necessary to get things done. The … Tweeted by @SportnewsWsn Digital Nomad News