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How hybrid work is reinventing management

Office Sim Remote Work April 11, 2024

When it arrived en masse for the Covid pandemic, remote working was hailed as an arrangement that boosted work-life balance and slashed commuter-related misery and pollution. But it would appear its golden days are over. Back to the office Investment banker Goldman Sachs now requires employees to be at the…

Net zero to the housing crisis: how we’re using expert evidence to help policymakers improve UK society

Office Sim Remote Work February 28, 2024

Shutterstock Three years ago, The Conversation partnered with a group of leading universities, including UCL, Cardiff and Queen’s Belfast, on the ESRC-funded International Public Policy Observatory (IPP0). The project’s goal was initially to assess and report to UK policymakers evidence from around the world on the best ways to mitigate…

Why empathy constitutes the ultimate leadership skill

Office Sim Remote Work December 7, 2023

Dans un contexte d’augmentation des risques psychosociaux, ignorer les émotions au travail n’aide pas… Melissa Hogan/Wikimedia commons, CC BY-SA When asked what traits constitute a good leader, you may be tempted to list traditional qualities such as rationality, cool-headedness, and overall, an ability to detach oneself from one’s emotions. However,…

Teamwork is not always the best way of working – new study

Office Sim Remote Work August 18, 2023

Girts Ragelis/Shutterstock Throughout the 21st century, teamwork has come to define the modern work environment. Driven by advances in communication technology, working collaboratively is, as management experts will tell you, how you harness the “collective intelligence”. Collective intelligence is often seen as greater than the sum of its parts: superior…