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How Do You Travel as a Digital Nomad?

OfficeSim Digital Nomad April 26, 2024

Starting life as a digital nomad can be a heady mix of excitement, possibility, and…questions, lots of questions. “Where should I go next?” “Which accommodation should I choose?” and the classic “Where should I eat tonight?” As you begin to get a handle on how this new lifestyle works, another…

Japan’s New Digital Nomad Visa is Set to Launch in March

OfficeSim Digital Nomad February 16, 2024

Explore Japan’s groundbreaking digital nomad visa, set to launch in March 2024. Learn about eligibility criteria, benefits for remote workers, and strategic implications. Discover how this initiative aims to revolutionize Japan’s borders, attract a diverse community, and position the country as a global hub for digital nomads The post Japan’s…