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June, 2023

Romania Digital Nomad Visa

OfficeSim Digital Nomad June 30, 2023

Since December 2021, Romania has opened its doors to digital nomads by offering a special visa designed specifically for remote workers. This Digital Nomad visa allows individuals to stay in the country for an extended period, making it an attractive option for those seeking a change of scenery and a…

Employees Recognition Ideas For HR’s in 2023

OfficeSim Digital Nomad June 27, 2023

Employee appreciation goes well beyond handing out rewards, certificates and employee service awards. To keep team morale high consistently, HR needs strategies that make employees feel valued while boosting their productivity in the workplace, especially while working remotely. We’re here to provide modern ideas of recognizing talent and achievements this…

How Coworking Can Help Overcome Remote Work Isolation

OfficeSim Digital Nomad June 20, 2023

Coworking spaces emerge as a powerful solution to combat remote work isolation. These shared workspaces provide an array of amenities like desks, WiFi, printers, and meeting rooms, fostering a sense of community among remote workers and Digital Nomads who can connect with fellow professionals and collaborate on projects. The post…

Setting Up a Homebase as a Digital Nomad

OfficeSim Digital Nomad June 16, 2023

Camille “quit her life” to travel the world in 2013 and has since visited 50+ countries as a location-independent writer, editor, and marketing manager. In 2019, she bought a part-time home base in the mountains of Bansko, Bulgaria with her boyfriend – and has now invested in a second property…

Finding Freedom through Coast Financial Independence

OfficeSim Digital Nomad June 9, 2023

Andrea worked in Operations and Projects in the Finance industry. She has always believed in the importance of financial literacy and is now travelling the world and exploring the freedom and options available through The post Finding Freedom through Coast Financial Independence appeared first on Digital Nomad World. Digital Nomad…