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Bangkok ranked second best city for digital nomads

Office Sim Digital Nomad June 23, 2022 – Bangkok is the world’s second best city in which to work as a digital nomad because of its mix of accommodation, WiFi spots, transport and cuisine, according to a new study by the UK-based flexible w… Tweeted by @AsiaBites Digital Nomad News

The Romantic, Creative Spirit of Lisbon, Portugal—And Why This T-Rex-Hearted City is the (New) New York for Digital Nomads

Office Sim Digital Nomad May 26, 2022 – Is everyone you know talking about Portugal right now—or just me? Because I should warn you: this is the kind of place that causes DIVORCES. Provence is that kind of place. Florence is that kind of p… Tweeted by @AshAmbirge Digital Nomad News

An ancient city transformed by war

Office Sim Digital Nomad March 22, 2022 – As soldiers, weapons and humanitarian aid move from Lviv to the eastern front, a tide of humanity continues to move in the other direction. With each day, the stories they carry to Lviv grow more dir… Tweeted by @IndianExpress Digital Nomad News