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Japan’s New Digital Nomad Visa is Set to Launch in March

OfficeSim Digital Nomad February 16, 2024

Explore Japan’s groundbreaking digital nomad visa, set to launch in March 2024. Learn about eligibility criteria, benefits for remote workers, and strategic implications. Discover how this initiative aims to revolutionize Japan’s borders, attract a diverse community, and position the country as a global hub for digital nomads The post Japan’s…

Best Coworking Spaces in Bali

OfficeSim Digital Nomad February 12, 2024

More and more digital nomads and entrepreneurs are drawn to Bali by easy visa renewals, access to luxuries thanks to the cheap cost of living, relaxing nature, fascinating landscapes, turquoise waters, and the island’s creative vibe. As a result, well-developed coworking spaces multiplied around Bali. The post Best Coworking Spaces…

Remote Networking As a Remote Professional

OfficeSim Digital Nomad February 8, 2024

As Toptal’s Director of Community, Margaux is focused on connecting a fully remote network of top talent around the world through programming, events, pro bono work, and more. She is a global community-builder and comes from a background working in the technology industry and with innovative start-ups. The post Remote…

Best Coworking Spaces in the World

OfficeSim Digital Nomad January 22, 2024

Since the mid-2000s, coworking spaces around the world have been gaining popularity among freelancers and emerging entrepreneurs and have established themselves as a new workspace. More than having a shared office space at an affordable price, renting a coworking space is about having a nice and properly prepared office to…