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My Nomad World: Blog about digital nomads

Office Sim Digital Nomad January 13, 2023 – The blog seeks to inform digital nomads across the world on where to live, what they need, as well as how to live in different countries. The website contains Tweeted by @EINPresswirePR Digital Nomad News

‎The Pathless Path with Paul Millerd: What Do Digital Nomads Tell Us About The Future? – Lauren Razavi (Executive Director, Plumia) on Apple Podcasts

Office Sim Digital Nomad December 13, 2022 – Lauren and I first talked when I was locked down in Taiwan in 2021. It was amazing to connect with another nomad and writer after weeks of not seeing people. I was also a bit stuck in my book writing… Tweeted by @LaurenRazavi Digital Nomad News