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Digital nomads can rent apartments on ‘standby’ for a fraction of the cost — but you might be forced to move out with 3 days’ notice – AAOA

Office Sim Digital Nomad March 22, 2023 – Print FriendlyThe apartment-rental company Landing is giving digital nomads new housing options. Some digital nomads in the US struggle to find affordable housing that fits their lifestyle. Airbnb of… Tweeted by @PMLinkNews Digital Nomad News

Digital nomads: should you move to Bali?

Office Sim Digital Nomad October 3, 2022 – Bali has not been nicknamed “Silicon Bali” for nothing. It has fast become the dream destination for digital nomads. But, does the social media dream and Tweeted by @soc1albutterfly Digital Nomad News

China’s digital nomads make their move

Office Sim Digital Nomad September 24, 2022 – DALI, Yunnan: After a hard day’s work, programmer Richard Hao powers down his laptop in a cafe overlooking Dali’s picturesque lake and drinks in the view. Like a growing number of digital nomads in C… Tweeted by @thailanddigest Digital Nomad News