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COVID impacts demand a change of plan: funding a shift from commuting to living locally

Office Sim Remote Work February 12, 2022

Conventional transport infrastructure planning has been based on wholesale commuting to and from the city centre. Taras Vyshnya/Shutterstock Long-term planning has delivered mass transit systems to cater for high-patronage, hub-and-spoke transport systems. Unfortunately, this has left many city residents without basic access to public transport services. And we could never…

COVID a year on: inequalities and anxieties about returning to workplaces are becoming clearer

Office Sim Remote Work February 7, 2022

Young people say they are concerned about their careers, with fewer opportunities for skills development and less established networks. charmedlightph/Shutterstock A year on from when many governments began directing people to work at home wherever possible because of the pandemic, few anticipated that it would become so normalised, or that…